Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I thought that I should let you know

Why does the guy in "Damaged" have to fix the girl's broken heart, if it was caused by the one before?


John said...

What a great observation!

If I had to guess, I might say it's because the guy who broke her heart doesn't care enough to fix her after he's dumped her, and she's too co-dependent to recover on her own. All she needs is a good, sturdy, dependable man to cling to for a little while, until she recovers and can ditch him for somebody who's more reckless and fun. What could possibly be wrong with that?

petpluto said...

I think John nailed it!

Plus, duh, it is ALWAYS the next guy's job to restore a girl's trust in men. What? You expect us to do that before we jump into the next relationship? Crazy talk, I say! How else could girls be serial monogamists? Obviously, the next guy should be so lucky as to even be seen with us that he should immediately take upon himself the sins of the last guy and try to convince us that not all guys will break our hearts. If he doesn't, he's just an ass who doesn't deserve us anyway!


Emily said...

Because women are always waiting for men to save them. Duh. Haven't you seen any Disney movie or romantic comedy ever made?

MediaMaven said...

What about the theory that men want to be the heroes?

petpluto said...

"What about the theory that men want to be the heroes?"

I think it is two sides of the same coin; women want to be saved, to be fixed, and to be cared for. Men want to do the caring. It hurts both women and men, but a lot of people buy into that sort of bullshit. I hate the "hero" mentality, especially when it works in such a way as to encourage women to expect men to save them - though I'm sure you know my rant about this.