Thursday, March 12, 2009


I checked out the new 92.3 FM, and it didn't disappoint, which meant that it did. Every single song I heard on it, between last night and this morning, I have heard on Z100. Repeatedly. (As well as several other stations.)

"Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)". "Mo' Money, Mo' Problems." "Whatever You Like." "Please Don't Stop the Music."

And then, since they have no DJs yet, the canned promo outright disses Z100 and says that they play current hits.

The nerve!


petpluto said...

I made the mistake of just trying to type in your URL at work today, and forgot that it is only "popculture" and not "popularculture". I got taken to a blog with almost the exact same template as yours, talking about 24 - the show. I was like, "When did MM get into 24?!" Plus, it didn't sound like you, but I was like whatevs, and reading on the sly. And then it took me a second, having never watched 24, to recognize that this blog post was not only not yours, but also from 2007. It was very surreal, and I thought you'd enjoy the tale.

MediaMaven said...

Pet, I've been on the site, back when I was first testing out names for the blog. I'm annoyed that that guy hasn't updated and his site is still up. Way to take up bandwidth, dude.