Saturday, January 9, 2010


I can't not post this. One, it's just great news, and two, I absolutely love Emily Nussbaum's writing in this paragraph. Just love.

In other news, I'm downright giddy that Aaron Sorkin will be back with another TV show about a TV show. Not because I liked Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, mind you: I thought the series was fascinating and I watched every single episode, but I was also simply flabbergasted by the solipsistic lunacy of the thing, which amounted to the most grandiose, fancily produced, payback-laden public tantrum thrown in the history of the medium. But Sorkin is clearly fascinated by television itself, as well as social networking, as well as Aaron Sorkin, and these are all obsessions I share, so I look forward to whatever auteurist fantasia is coming our way — and devoutly wish I could walk very fast down the hall with him in pointy heels, debating the matter.

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John said...

I'm sure Petpluto had a joygasm when she heard the news.

Speaking of Sorkin, did you see the short West Wing parody that Seth MacFarlane threw into Something Something Something Dark Side? Apparently he'd been wanting to put that joke in an episode of Family Guy for years, but it always got cut for time.