Monday, February 15, 2010

Twentysomethings Doing Stuff With Their Lives

Google's first-ever Superbowl ad was written by a 24 year-old, Tristan Smith. To make this even more incredible, the woman heard whispering in French and giggling is 25 year-old Michelle Vargas--a classmate of mine in college. We graduated the same year. We were in the same scriptwriting class sophomore year. Michelle is part of the GraceNMichelle comedy team; Grace's face is all over MyDamnChannel. They are part of this awesome online improv/comedy scene, and I bet we'll be seeing them on Saturday Night Live soon. I hope to make it out to one of their live shows; I saw some of their improv work senior year with their just-created troupe, and they were pretty entertaining.

Now I just need to move to a city and lead a supercool bloggy fun life...working hard and getting shit done.

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