Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lilith Fair is Back!

After 10 years, Lilith Fair--the all-women music festival--is returning, although exact dates and performers are not scheduled yet. Presumably, Sarah McLachlan, who created the tour in 1997, will perform, as she is also slated to release an album next year.

The original lineup, featuring McLachlan, Jewel, and Sheryl Crow, represented the boom in folk and girl rock that epitomized the '90s. It's likely that many of these acts will return for at least some dates, and now of course it's time to speculate on the newcomers who will join them.

Nelly McKay? Michelle Branch? Sara Bareilles? Colbie Calliat? Regina Spektor?

Billboard provided Avril Lavigne, since she's releasing an album next year, too.

(I left out the superstars.)

My fave Aimee Mann played a few shows back in the day, maybe she'll return. And now that I'm old enough, I'm going!


John said...

I thought Natalie Merchant created the Lilith fair. Live and learn, I guess.

No Ani DiFranco? Or is she too big (or too indie?) for such an affair.

MediaMaven said...

She was one of the original performers, as was Natalie Merchant.

They could still return...I was trying to guess who some of the first-timers would be.